my last post was about school and how boring it is right well weekend r everyone’s favs no school mabey some homework and lods of fun



school is so boring omg i am so tiered and i have tons of homework i hate it


me my brother and sisters made a video and posted it on YouTube it is so funny. The name of it is Human punching bag (funny, hilarious video) slow motion you now that you’ve found it when you see a green wall and a boy wearing a green shirt. Here is the link to the video¬† http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3_pliPD6Qo&feature=feedu. Make sure to comment and subscribe


I cant wait till summer I have been waiting all year and now we only have like a week left. I am so happy that I don’t have to wake up every morning and get ready for school and then go sit in a boring class room. For summer vacation I don’t think we are going anywhere this year but as long as I don’t have to go to school I am fine with that. The funnest thing about summer is can spend the night with friends when ever you want even if it is a Wednesday. Plus you get to go on a vacation and go swimming like every day. I LLOOVVEE summer.


Friend are a good thing to have. They stick up for you, they always have your back, they help you when ever you need it, they never let you down, and the are always trying to cheer you up. I could go on and on about what a friend is but someone that is rude, violent, likes to start fights or someone that is just plane mean is not a friend. If you supposedly have a “friend” that is just mean and wont leave you alone, it is no use trying to change them so just find something else to do that will keep your mind of of them. My two best friends are Tanner and Crystal. Tanner is my friend because she is nice, and I know I can trust her. Crystal is my friend because she always sticks up for me and yes we do get in to little fights once and a while but nothing serious. I don’t pick my friends just because they are popular I get to know them first. You also shouldn’t not be someones friend just because they are not pretty enough or something like that you should always get to the the person before you judge them.


Camping, I don’t personally don’t like camping it is no so great. Last time I went camping I got the worst sunburn ever. I cried when I put on my shirt that is how bad it was. There were bugs every where and it was so cold at night and so hot in the day. When I say it was cold at night mean that I was fixing to die it was freezing. Plus I got all scraped up and I just wanted to go swimming but all the adults wanted to do was fish. Plus we could not even swim in that water because “we would scare all the fish away”. We also had to have an adult to go to the river with us so that was boring.

Water marble nails

To do water marble nail art you need a small cup of filtered room temperature water. You will need at lest 2 colors of nail polish, a paper towel, an orange stick, and some tape. Lay out the paper towel and set the bottles of your selected nail polish on the paper towel and open them to where the brush is still in the bottle. Make it to where you can easily put the brush in and out. Get the tape and put it around your nail covering most of your finger (don’t cover nail). Quickly get your first selected color of nail polish and take the brush out of the bottle and do not wipe off the nail polish on the side of the bottle. Hold it over the cup until there is a small drop in the cup of water. The drop of nail polish should expand. Then do the same thing with the second selected color of nail polish it should expand also. Do this same proses with the with the first again and then the second and then the first and then….until you have a bulls eye that fills the cup. Quickly get your orange stick and make what ever design you like in the water marble. Then with the tape on your finger so the nail polish does not get on your skin. Stick your finger in the cup and count to 5. Then with your orange stick before you pull your finer out stick your orange stick in the water and and the nail polish remaining in the water with come right out on the orange stick if you move it around in the cup then take out your finger and take off the tape and do the same proses with all ten fingers. This will not work if you use tap water or water that is cold or hot. You will also have to do it quickly before it dries in the cup. If you would like to see more pictures or learn more about this go to my simple little pleasures.blogspot.com

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