I put on a make up every day it seems that I just can’t live with out it. First I put on some Neutrogena ageless Essentials and rub lightly in little circles all over. Then I use ARBONNE natural radiance mineral powder foundation with a Bare Escentuals full flawless face brush and i even it out all over my face. After that I use Sorme ultra lash mascara witch I promise is the best mascara I have ever had. Next I use Covergirl eye enhancers eye shadow(I use the yellow one on the right). Then I put on Revlon color stay eyeliner.After that I put on some lipgloss and then I am ready to go.



If you want to have a good garden you need to have a good size place. You will need to have the right kind of soil depending on what type of plant you are going to grow. You will also need to have a place where it gets lots of sun and it will not take a lot of effort to water it daily. If you really want a garden that needs to be the main part of your every other day. Maybe even every single day. Gardens take love, and care you can just plant something and water it every week and then hope for it to grow.


If you want to make a good painting find a quiet place to relax and let all of your thoughts out. Where nothing can disturb you. Find something to paint weeks before you do so and practice until you fill that you are ready. Get the best size canvas that suites your painting. Then get everything ready so you don’t have to worry about it later. Make sure you have all your paints and your brushes a quiet place and maybe some soothing music of your choice and then just go for it.

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